Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

In this very special episode your boys are served their most UNUSUAL nourishment yet, all while making a few new friends along the way. Also Adam drops some big news that could change Cruelpod forever!

Show Notes

Topics discussed:
  1. Full review of Gruel Club x Furrmien
  2. Bonus Segment: Regular Customers
  3. Bonus Segment: What Did You Put in Your Mouth?
  4. Big News™
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This podcast is produced by Adam Flannery. Andrew de Souza wrote and performed the theme song.

What is Cruel and Unusual Nourishment?

Your hosts Adam Flannery and Zac Smith-Cameron eat the good, the bad and the questionable as they work their way through some of the lowest-rated eating establishments in the greater Melbourne area, trying to find the hidden gems and unsung heroes of the city's restaurant scene.