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The days are getting longer and warmer — hiking season is well on its way! But for many of us, nearby trails are still covered in ice and snow. And for many more, we are cooped up in the city or live in geographical regions as flat as a pancake. How can we gear up for summer adventures?

Well...personal trainer Billy Gawron of Backcountry Fitness is here with answers. This week on Out and Back, Shanty and Abby chat with Billy about training for hiking, backpacking, and thru-hiking season.

The trio talk about key fitness issues, including...
-the number one thing we should all start working on right now
-the key to balancing strength work with endurance training
-pervasive myths about training
-how to train your feet and ankles to withstand long days with a heavy pack
-how to prevent pesky and debilitating knee pain
-how to prepare for altitude while at sea level

If you’re dreaming up some big plans for the summer, you won’t want to miss this show!

Show Notes

Check out Backcountry Fitness on the web, where you can find free training plans and can hire Billy as a coach!

Also make sure to follow Backcountry on Instagram for daily training tips.

Finally, make sure to check out the Out and Back Instagram Page!

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Episode Highlights:
4:25: Meet Billy Gawron, personal trainer and founder of Backcountry Fitness.
5:50: Billy shares the story of the client who inspired him to specialize in getting people ready for backcountry adventures.
8:30: Billy and his fiancée have hiked and backpacked all around the world together.
10:20: Shanty tells the most ridiculous story that has been told on this podcast to date.
12:00: Billy resolves some of the biggest myths in hiking, backpacking, and thru-hiking.
20:00: How you can start preparing for hiking/backpacking season from right at home, right now. (Hint: we’re starting with the core.)
22:20: Do you sit all day? If so, you are a basket of injuries waiting to happen. Billy is here to help.
29:00: Shanty is eager to hit the gym with the heavy weights. Billy weighs in....
31:05: How many days do you have to train? How do you balance strength and cardio?
32:35: What kind of cardio is best to get ready for hiking season, especially if you’re confined to the city or somewhere flat? How hard should you work?
36:19: Billy explains why doing a bunch of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is not necessarily going to help you for your summer adventures.
37:35: What’s the minimum amount of time you need to devote to a workout?
40:50: When it comes to strength training, more reps at lower weight is going to help you out more than single max reps.
42:40: Billy explains why he loves SPT (Sustained Push Training). It combines cardio endurance and strength work all into one.
46:30: Knee pain? The problem most likely is not your knee.
49:20: Billy, who used to work at a running speciality store, advises on the best shoes for training, running, and hiking.
52:00: Learn how to become comfortable being uncomfortable now, so you’re mentally ready for your adventures later.
56:30: Can you prep for your altitude adventures from sea level?
1:01:45: Want more tips from Billy? Check out his app.
1:03:00: Billy is training for his honey moon — hiking Kilimanjaro with his fiancée!

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