Mikki speaks to Dr Sara Campbell about exercise, the gut and our gut microbiome

Show Notes

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Sara Campbell about exercise, the gut and our gut microbiome. We discuss the bi-directional relationship between the gut and our exercise patterns, what sex differences might exist, and the relative usefulness of probiotics and prebiotics for helping optimise our gut health. It’s an exciting time for research in this area, with so much we don’t know. Dr Campbell is an expert in what we DO know. 

Dr Sara Campbell is an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR and the GRADUATE PROGRAM DIRECTOR  in KINESIOLOGY AND APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY at Rutgers University, with a specialist research area in metabolism, the gut and the impact of exercise on the gut.

Sara can be found here: https://kines.rutgers.edu/departmental-info/faculty-biographies/317-faculty/full-time-faculty/788-sara-campbell 

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