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This is part two of our look at the 10-year anniversary of the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center in Peoria, Illinois – part of OSF HealthCare.
In 2013, the Jump Simulation and Education Center – or Jump - was introduced as a space to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs in health care. Since then, the building has become the hub of OSF Innovation, where cross-functional teams converge and leverage their expertise to advance the future of health care.
In our last episode we discussed the amazing journey of Jump and OSF Innovation and the achievements of the past 10 years are. Today… we take a take ahead to the next decade and beyond.
Joining host Shelli Dankoff are Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president and chief medical officer for OSF Innovation and founding executive director of Jump and Becky Buchen, Senior Vice President of Innovation for OSF HealthCare.

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