The Assistant Principal Podcast

At the beginning of this school year, North Carolina embarked on a two-year, $90-million journey to train every elementary and teachers and administrator in a program called LETRS, which aligns to Science of Reading standards, a research-based approach to teaching reading. The training focuses on building a knowledge base about how students learn to read, as opposed to being a collection of strategies. This knowledge base comes at a steep price – about 160 hours of study and training in order to learn it. Breaking down the numbers, over the two years, each administrator and teacher will be asked to spend almost 30-minutes a day learning LETRS, and NC will spend a minimum of $2,000 on each person. 
For experienced teachers who have the time and desire to dig into the science of reading, LETRS might be a great resource, but for the teachers who are struggling just to survive each day, for the early career teachers who are still working through the basics of managing a classroom, planning lessons, and using formative assessments, a huge comprehensive program makes no sense.
For less than 30-minutes a day and less than $2000, you can help many of your teachers to live and teach better immediately. Better yet, the process is simple. Not always easy, but simple.

What is The Assistant Principal Podcast?

A bi-weekly podcast to improve the quality of life and leadership for assistant principals.