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¡Hola y bienvenidos! We're thrilled to have you join us again. If you missed our last episode, we explored part 1 of the significant realities of teaching Spanish at home, discussing the ups and downs of the learning journey and sharing six strategies to manage emotions. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 in our upcoming episodes.

Today's Episode: We are learning the numbers from 1 to 10!
We're diving into the world of numbers, learning how to count from 1 to 10 in Spanish. Alongside this new lesson, I am sharing a bilingual and Spanish-only story about Luna la Mariposa, followed by a fun activity for you to practice at home with family and friends. Plus, we've got a couple of worksheets available for download in PDF format to extend your learning. Ready to count with me?

Counting in Spanish: 1 to 10
Join us as we count in Spanish, starting with uno (1) and going up to diez (10). We'll say the number in English first, then in Spanish, pausing for you to repeat after us. Don't worry if you need extra practice; you can revisit this segment anytime.

Story Time: El Cumpleaños de Luna La Mariposa
It's Luna's birthday, and she's turning 10! To celebrate, we're sharing a special story about Luna and her friends practicing numbers in Spanish during a birthday scavenger hunt. Learn new words like "colibrí" (hummingbird), "tortuga" (turtle), "fiesta" (party), and "cumpleaños" (birthday) as you join Luna's celebration. The story is available in both bilingual and Spanish-only formats to help develop your listening and comprehension skills.

Activity: Your Own Scavenger Hunt
Inspired by Luna's story, we encourage you to conduct your own scavenger hunt at home. This engaging activity will help you practice the numbers and vocabulary learned today. Whether you're preparing for a fictional friend's birthday party or just having fun, this scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to apply what you've learned.

Free Resources
Don't forget to visit our website at to download the free resource accompanying this episode. You'll find the story in both its bilingual and Spanish versions, a coloring sheet, and matching worksheets to practice the scavenger hunt vocabulary.

We hope today's episode has been both educational and entertaining, making your journey into Spanish more enjoyable. Remember, learning a new language is a journey filled with small victories, and every number you learn opens up new possibilities for communication and fun.

Thank you for tuning in to "Spanish for Children and Families." Espero que tengas un buen día, and we look forward to joining me for more language adventures. ¡Hasta luego!

What is Spanish for Children and Families?

Jenny Corredor Varela is a native speaker, Spanish coach and program creator. With more than 21 years of experience, she has helped children, adults and families learn this beautiful language whether they speak Spanish at home or not. In the Spanish for Children and Families podcast, she shares great tips for language acquisition, overcoming challenges and raising bilingual children. She also shares Spanish lessons and helpful resources.
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