This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to clinical and research metabolic neurologist, Dr Matthew Phillips, on the utility of metabolic therapies for neurological health.

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to clinical and research metabolic neurologist, Dr Matthew Phillips, on the utility of metabolic therapies for neurological health.  They discuss Dr Phillips introduction in metabolic therapy for neurological disorders after his discover that conventional treatment wasn’t good enough to help stem the progression in certain neurological conditions (such as Parkinsons) and how his dissatisfaction led him to discover the benefits of fasting and a ketogenic diet for neurological disorders, including aforementioned Parkinsons but also Alzheimers, MS and a range of other conditions. They also discuss its potential utility in brain cancer, and Dr Phillips shares his clinical case study success and subsequent clinical trial in gliablastoma, an incurable brain cancer. 

BIO: Dr Phillips grew up in Canada and trained in Australia. Upon completing my neurology training in Melbourne, I realized that I had no interest in going the usual route of further specializing in a particular neurological disorder. I wanted to specialize in a therapy, but no such fellowship existed. Thus, I bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world and departed the medical system, travelling and worked in different places for 3 years, creating my own sort of self-taught fellowship during which I learned about a variety of therapeutic possibilities that I had never considered (if interested, see wanderingsolace.com which describes many of these adventures). 

Upon completing my 3-year “fellowship” it dawned on me that metabolic strategies, particularly fasting and ketogenic diets, were promising therapeutic options for a range of disorders. I re-entered the medical system by commencing work as a neurologist in New Zealand, where my excellent colleagues have helped me to apply these strategies to a number of humanity’s most difficult neurological disorders so as to determine whether they are feasible, safe, and can make an impact in terms of helping patients. In fact, one of these patients is Sarona, who along with her husband Vern is now a great friend. Sarona started this site for me, for which I am eternally grateful.

"Ultimately, I wish to help create a new field of Metabolic Neurology that emphasizes applying metabolic strategies in healthcare so as to potentially heal many difficult disorders at their core, with the overarching goal being the improved health and enhanced nobility of humanity"

Dr Matthew Phillips can be found https://www.metabolicneurologist.com/

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