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COVID-19 has led to the largest mass disruption of education in modern human history. Ontario, in particular, has suffered the longest school closures in Canada, and amongst the highest in North America and Europe comparing regional averages. Protecting education as an essential service is a policy choice says my first guest today, Dr. Prachi Srivastava. Prachi will be joining What She Said from now until June every month to arm you with information and questions to ask policy makers and politicians as we approach the June provincial election in Ontario.

Anne Brodie had to dig deep this week to find the best of the best in entertainment, with new theatrical releases in short supply. She delivers though with some can’t miss movies and shows to catch at home right now to beat the Omicron blues.

Whether by circumstance or choice, many women have found themselves stuck in a rut as of late. This year, What She Said in partnership with The Sacred Space is going to help you get unstuck. Denise Chand & Jennifer John, are Certified Cognitive Behavioural and Relationship Coaches, Unstuck Experts, Authors, and Founders of The Sacred Space Coaching. In 2022, they will be joining me every month with tips and tools to get us back on a path that empowers us to chase our dreams.

What’s the cost of love? Haley McGee, interviewed her exes and enlisted the help of a mathmetician to create a formula - with eighty seven variables - to find the true cost of love in her upcoming book, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale. Haley joins me today to discuss how her attempt to turn sentimental value into cold, hard cash, became a much bigger lesson in the value of failed relationships.

Finally, If current conditions in Ontario, or even the ongoing pandemic have you questioning your commitment to Dry January, I’d like you to pause before you uncork that bottle of wine and listen Nadine Araksi. A Dry January MVP, Nadine joins me today to share some tips for making it through January without alcohol and possibly beyond.

What is What She Said!?

Candace Sampson hosts What She Said! This one hour show aims to inspire and uplift women by giving them a voice in pursuing their professional and personal goals through showcasing successful women, as well as those who support women’s interests, and by creating opportunities for others to do the same.