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Emotions run heavy in the workplace, but managing that emotion can make all the difference. Jon and Nicole dive deep into managing emotions and the importance of doing so during times of stress on this episode.

Show Notes

Managing your stress and emotion is one of the most important things you do during your workday. Not reacting in the moment to every good or bad event gives you space to make better decisions. But it's not easy when things get tough. Jon and Nicole cover topics such as:
  • How it can be frustrating to restrain your emotions at all times
  • The challenges of remaining calm while inspiring people around you
  • Less emotion often means less regrets, better decisions, and being more fun to work with
  • Remembering your lows aren't as low as you perceive them to be
  • Why you should remain calm when getting feedback
  • How to react when receiving bad news to ensure no one is afraid of giving you bad news
  • And more...
The best advice we have is that having restraint in the moment will allow you to make better decisions and receive better information from people around you.

What is Shape the Conversation?

A podcast hosted by Nicole Mears and Jon Davis. Broadcasting from Bend, Oregon.