Fire the Canon

This week, we're coming at you with another FANTASTIC author interview, this time with the brilliant and wonderfully unusual Frances Hardinge, the award-winning author of "A Face Like Glass", "Cuckoo Song", "The Lie Tree", "Deeplight", and, most recently, "Unraveller". Her books are, to use her own words, "fairly dark and invariably strange". A children's and YA maven whose works are both thematically complex and full of astounding prose, Frances chats with us about her process, her life, her origins as a writer, how to make your kids like reading, and her professional LARPing career. Jackie begs to examine Frances' brain to find out what goes on in there. Rachel assures us her house is built on solid ground and she is definitely not in danger of falling into a sinkhole.

Regardless, be sure to check out Frances' website - it's an absolute TREAT. See if you can solve the puzzle while you're there! Find it at
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