Bet on the Web

Mike, Adam, Brandy, and Liam discuss the upcoming release of Ionic 5!

Show Notes

Welcome to Ionic Show 12!

In this episode, Mike Hartington, along with guests Adam Bradley, Brandy Carney, and Liam DeBeasi discuss the upcoming release of Ionic 5! Here's what's covered:

00:20 Round circle introductions
00:55 How is Ionic 5 different than other versions of Ionic?

03:54 v5 Deprecation warnings available in latest Ionic 4 version
06:22 New Design Changes - iOS and Android
07:06 Brandy’s dog makes an appearance
08:30 Ionicons v5 overview - over 1,100 icons!
12:48 What we've learned building Ionic 4
16:30 Shadow Parts - unlocking further UI component customization
19:18 Gesture and Animation APIs
28:28 Large Titles and Collapsible Headers
30:15 What does the future hold for Ionic 6 (and beyond)?
34:00 Breaking Changes
37:58 Angular 9: Smaller apps, Server-side rendering, and more
45:46 Improved dark theming support

48:00 Ionic 5 Release date announced! ;)

What is Bet on the Web?

A bet on the web is a bet you can't lose. Don’t miss Ionic’s latest endeavor, the Bet on the Web podcast, where we’ll chat about a variety of topics through the lens of the Open Web.

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