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What were your sustainability successes last year? And what were the challenges? Listen to the recap from the University of Greenwich on sustainability and the wider World during 2020-21.

Show Notes

Join host Ryan Wallace speak to David Jackson, a frequent guest and the University's Sustainability Projects Officer.

The past 18 months have been challenging for us all.  With the new 2021-2022 Academic year upon us, with new students arriving and a majority of student also attending physically for the first time, it is the right time to reflect on the challenges and positives during the past year. 
The University of Greenwich takes its environmental risks seriously, and is committed to minimising its impacts and that continues to be the case.  Listen to find out about our 2020-21 highlights, our sustainable successes and what we are targeting in future years.  The wider World is also discussed; our global challenge of climate change, from the recent IPCC climate report to the strength of collective actions and the sustainable future we can still achieve. 

Fun Fact: The international energy agency has revealed that global renewable electricity capacity is expanding at a faster space.  In 2020 the capacity rose 45% to 280 gigawatts.  Renewables accounted for 90% of the global power sector’s expansion last year. 

What is The GREen Pod?

Welcome to the University of Greenwich sustainability series of podcasts. Created by students and volunteers, with support from the Sustainability Team. Whether you’re looking to brush up on knowledge, learn something new or delve into a specific niche, there’s a show for you. The podcasts were launched during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 to keep connections between the sustainable agenda and our students and staff.

Switch on, sit back and enjoy these discussions with peers and professionals alike.