Stay Healthy South Sound

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Dr. Penrose describes the 8-week wellness and weight loss program while interviewing a client that went through the program. We had over 20 people in the 8-week program from Jan - Feb 2021 with fantastic results. The program is science-based and focuses on low glycemic impact eating and eating lean proteins and non-starchy carbohydrates. Cathy, who went through the program, also noticed less inflammation, better skin, more energy, and improved mood by sticking with the program. The program included weekly zoom coaching calls, a private Facebook group for all the members, exercise routines designed by Dr. Penrose, and are full-body programs including flexibility, core, leg, and arm strengthening at various levels. Please visit to take the weight loss survey, find recipes, watch educational videos on metabolism, reading labels and so much more!

What is Stay Healthy South Sound?

On the Stay Healthy South Sound Podcast, we provide tips on staying healthy and expose common myths about health and aging so you can enjoy a healthier and active life in the amazing South Sound. This podcast is brought to you by Dr. Jennifer Penrose owner of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy.