Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.

This week’s Twaddle has sparkling new sounds from Pony In The Pancake, The Green Pajamas, Spice World, Best Move, 2070, The Sundries, Delifinger, Affiliate Links, The Umbrella Puzzles, Librarians With Hickeys, Pixy Jones, The Intelligence, The Flashcubes Featuring The Paley Brothers, Cozy Slippers, Jim Nothing, Heaven For Real, Los Imposibles, Delivery, The Same Same, Veps, The Sheaves, Dear Nora, Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters, Jockstrap, Guitar, The Cool Greenhouse, Au Suisse, Die Sterne, Mo Troper, Tyler Baum, わびさびくらぶ / Wabisabi Club, Sparky's Magic Piano, Robert Sotelo, The Orielles, Bonny Doon, The No-Yeahs, Biensüre, Telefís, The Black Angels, Weyes Blood, and The Beths.

There are also tracks taken from new collections of mostly previously unissued material from TwinArt and Tom Dawes.

From the recent past: The French Pop Dream. From the distant past: The Hit Pack, Roger Whittaker, and Francis Lai.

What is Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.?

Mawkish Twaddle: Vexing musical purists of every stripe since 2017. It’s too twee and then it’s too abrasive. Rarely does it strike the right balance. Intrigued yet?