Alt Goes Mainstream: The Latest on Alternative Investments, WealthTech, & Private Markets

Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

Today’s episode features a masterclass in private markets from a guest who has seen it all.

Jim Strang is a deeply experienced private equity professional who has been part of the industry as a GP, LP, investor, consultant, and now a teacher, board member, and advisor to a number of firms.

I’d probably have to spend a good few pages going through everything that Jim has done and is currently doing in private markets. He’s a practitioner and a teacher, an expert and an operator. After an illustrious career that was punctuated as Chairman EMEA of Hamilton Lane, one of the largest LPs in private markets globally, he now serves in a number of board and advisor roles, which include Chairman of the Board at HgCapital Trust plc, Senior Advisor to CVC Capital Partners, Advisor at Bain & Company, and Director at Pictet Alternative Advisors.

Jim and I had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of private markets and what the future holds for large and small funds alike, as well as LPs. We discussed:
  • The step function changes that take private markets from $15T to $30T of AUM.
  • Why traditional asset managers may struggle to replicate the capabilities of alternative asset managers in private markets.
  • The importance of partnerships having a clear ambition and alignment if they want to build a scaled platform.
  • The challenges that managers in the middle face as large platforms and specialist managers are the differentiated firms in the eyes of LPs.
  • Why GPs need to find innovative solutions to address the needs of different types of investors.
  • Why building a strong brand is crucial to success in the wealth channel.
Thanks Jim for coming on the show to share your wisdom and experience on private markets.

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Show Notes
00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message
02:06 Podcast Theme Song
02:44 Guest Introduction: Jim Strang
02:52 Jim Strang's Career Overview
05:35 State of Private Markets: Challenges and Opportunities
08:04 Fundraising Dynamics in Private Equity
11:25 European Private Equity: Evolution and Insights
15:01 Scaling Challenges and Ambitions in Private Equity
25:41 Technology and Innovation in Private Equity
32:47 Challenges in Organizational Analysis
33:56 Psychological Assessments in Investment Decisions
35:48 Effective Questioning Techniques for LPs
36:29 Transparency and Culture in Investment Firms
37:34 Evolution of Asset Management
38:41 Public vs. Private Asset Managers
40:27 Generational Shifts in Private Equity Firms
44:12 Growth and Democratization of Private Markets
48:40 Liquidity Challenges in Private Markets
54:45 Quick Fire Round: Insights on Private Markets
01:00:10 Entertainment Investments: Music Royalties and Sports
01:04:02 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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