Spencer's Serenade

In this episode, Dan and I dive into topics that hardly get explored on the main stage of the world. Our aim of this conversation was to give our honest feelings and opinions on these difficult topics, consciousness and manifestation.

Show Notes

Welcome back to Spencer's Serenade, this week Dan and I explore some interesting topics and our firsthand experience with both topics at hand. Consciousness and manifestation are two things that Dan and I talk about quite a bit while we're out disc golfing so we thought it would be fun to put it into an episode and hopefully inspire you to think about it and talk about it with your friends. Enjoy this week's episode and keep tuning it if you enjoy the show. If you feel as though my show brings you value, make a donation or subscribe to my patreon to show me returned value. I don't expect to make a living off of this, but it would be nice to make the money back that it takes to make this show possible! If you feel like you'd be a good guest to talk to, email in and we can schedule something. Thanks again!
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What is Spencer's Serenade?

Thank you for joining me on this podcasting journey. This podcast will be focused on dealing with everyday problems that people might face and how to address them. Along with that, in the other portion we will be discussing the weird and wild topics and phenomenon that exists in this world. With that being said, I hope this can provide you with solutions to problems you may be facing in your life as well as expand your mind into thinking about some complex topics that don't get enough attention.