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I’ve got a slightly different format today as I’m speaking with podcast expert, Mark Asquith, about the benefits of podcasting for Indie Hackers. Mark is no stranger to building businesses, running a portfolio of podcast-focused businesses here in the UK. He’s bootstrapped most of them, but has also raised funding for others, so he’s got experiences on both sides.

Show Notes

Mark Asquith (aka That British Podcast Guy) is the CEO of Rebel Base Media, the U.K. podcast tech company that makes and so much more.

What we discussed in this episode:
  • What makes podcasting such a good medium
  • Is the amount of investment in podcasting (from the likes of Spotify) a good thing?
  • Is podcasting oversaturated?
  • What does it take to grow a podcast?
  • How to stay consistent with producing your show
  • How Mark started out with his businesses
  • Bootstrapping the next venture
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