Playing the Long Game

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How can you connect better with buyers?

So many B2B professionals think using words like “digitalization”, “seamless” and “customer experience” will do the trick, but what you end up getting is the opposite effect.

Show Notes

Christine Calvert has worked with writing and communication for 30 years as a copywriter, a global web editor, lecturer and college professor.

As Norway’s only Text Doctor, she was voted as 2019 best keynote speaker by Confex, holds tons of communication courses, written two books about writing and is working on her third book, as we speak.

In this episode, we talk about:
  • Our mutual love of books
  • How brands can make themselves more human
  • Why corporate B.S. can make your brand boring and what to do about it
  • The story behind her signature golden shoes
  • How anything can be interesting if you find the right angle
  • Why writing to yourself is a mistake and why you should write to a persona instead
  • How to find your own voice and make it heard
  • Why the customer journey is a misnomer - there's no such thing as a linear buying process

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What is Playing the Long Game?

Welcome to Playing the Long Game, a show that's dedicated to helping B2B companies create long-lasting customer relationships.

Playing the Long Game is about being human and leading with empathy through every touchpoint in the customer journey, both human and digital.

I want to inspire you to think of buyers and customers as people, not as just a number. In each episode, I will bring you conversations with leading business professionals and experts who share tips, stories and advice on how to create long-lasting customer relationships through every step of the customer journey.

Whether you’re on an internal team, in sales, marketing or service, this podcast can be your masterclass to learning everything you need to connect and build trust with your customers.