Lost and Founder

In episode three I talk (very) openly about how I'm working through some business challenges, discuss the value of transparency, the importance of goals, and why I benefit so much from a healthy routine.

Show Notes

Episode 3 is here and I am so grateful to everyone who's been tuning in so far. I've been hearing many lovely stories, and helpful feedback to make this podcast better. Thank you.

This week, it's been a tough week. I started this podcast as a way to speak some of my thoughts out loud, and I said I'd be as open and transparent as I possibly can be. This week you'll see that I wasn't lying.

This episode runs a little longer than previous episodes, but the thoughts were flowing and I kept recording. Hope you can forgive me.

Here's what I cover:
* How I find positives from my anxiety and stress.
* How I overcome feeling physically sick with worry.
* The importance of exercise, habits, and a healthy routine.
* How transparent should you be with your team?
* Why making the wrong decision today can be better than no decision at all.
* The importance of having clear goals and a timeline to achieve them.

It's a packed episode. It's full of rambling. But it's honest to its core. I hope you find value in the show, and I look forward to sharing more updates as we move together on this journey.

Thanks, and see you next time.

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What is Lost and Founder?

Being a startup founder is not all private jets and parties. Truthfully, being a founder is a lonely, difficult, stressful, yet rewarding way to spend your life. James Gill started GoSquared with two friends from school in 2006, and in this podcast he shares his struggles, excitement, and everything in between with refreshing honesty.