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In this episode, Adam talks to Guillermo Rauch building and deploying serverless web applications with Now.

Show Notes

Topics include:
  • How Now is trying to bring the CDN experience to your server-side code
  • How the constraints of serverless can nudge you to build more robust solutions
  • How to talk to a database in a stateless serverless environment
  • Best practices for deploying serverless code when you have a centralized data store
  • Why routing should be handled at the Now configuration level instead of in application code
  • How Now functions are different from microservices, and how you share code between them
  • How Now bundles your project using builders
  • Creating a monolithic project with Now that uses different programming languages for each endpoint
  • How the upcoming "now dev" feature will enable you to simulate a serverless environment locally
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the Now dashboard, how it's built, and the third-party services that power it

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