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Dr. Howard Luks is a seasoned orthopaedic surgeon and Sports Medicine specialist who really walks the talk. Howard’s known for his exceptional patient-centred approach and science-based advice about health and longevity, and he’s compiled a lot of that wisdom into his book, Longevity…Simplified: Living A Longer, Healthier Life Shouldn’t Be Complicated. As the title implies, Howard is great at cutting through the popular pseudoscience and social media trends to get at what’s really important when it comes to healthspan and living your best, healthiest life, for as long as possible.

In our interview, we unpack some of the common misconceptions associated with training and health, some of his favourite tools and indicators to take stock of your health as you age, his views on wellness wearables and personal health recording, and why understanding physiology is "really friggin’ hard!"

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What is The Dad Strength Podcast?

There is no strength like dad strength. It is quiet, patient, and persistent. Some would say stubborn, dammit. Dad strength rarely makes the highlight reel. It exists in the in-between spaces....The times when nobody—except maybe your kid—is watching.

The Dad Strength Podcast was created to support and encourage the best in dads like you. Authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and experts from all over share their wisdom with us. We discuss 360º health, doing work that matters, and—of course—fatherhood. These conversations are fun, informative, and always emphasize action and understanding.

The Dad Strength Podcast is hosted by Geoff Girvitz. Geoff is a father, fitness expert, and curious fellow. Based in Toronto, he has been featured in Vice, GQ, and multiple exercise publications. He is known for innovation and real-world success in the fitness industry. Now, Geoff is pointing a wide-angle lens at health and parenthood. Workouts and nutrition are just part of the program. He will be looking at relationships, critical thinking, motivation, and discipline. In short, anything you need to earn the mug that says “*World’s Greatest Dad.”*

“I want to be Mr. Rogers for men over 30,” says Geoff. “There is so much noise and confusion out there.” We *all* need a community devoted to the best we have inside of us. The Dad Strength Podcast is here to make the world a better place through our roles as fathers and as men.