Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Jose and David talk about avoiding burnout, finding career goals, helping others, and learning while having fun

Show Notes

Talking Points:
  • How to find balance to avoid burning out
  • Finding your career goal as a developer
  • How to help others and learn while having fun
Quotable Quotes:
  • "You should be pushing yourself, you should be learning new things" [instead of relying on an employer] - DG
  • "Choose projects that you find fun” [to make your leisure time, your learning time] – DG
  • "I could use that knowledge [how to push myself the right way, how to find motivation..] in helping other people, making them grow as well" - JM
  • "I think I need [to develop] the skills that a CTO, a founder has" [to level up] - JM
  • "With power comes responsibility" - DG
  • "I think that's my biggest fear, to be in the same place [without any advance] for a very long period of time, I mean time is very limited" - JM
  • "My goal is to have some kind of positive impact [...] at least do something meaningful" - JM
  • "The second you are dying, you could say like well I did something great in life, at least my life was useful" – JM
  • "At the end of the day if you are not capable, you probably won't go too far with your mission, that's my main concern" - JM
  • "I think open-source is an amazing place to start [to somehow collaborate with others and help, to learn, to clarify your route]" - JM
  • "Leave the world a bit better than you found it" - JM
  • "My motivation to start in tech was actually to tweak stuff" [on games] - JM
  • "I remember those times [when learned to code as a child] with a smile on my face, it's like you're having so much fun and you're not being pressed by a timeline" - JM
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