Curious Humans with Jonny Miller

"If I place my effort inwardly, then everything will flow effortlessly from there—from that deeply connected place." —Michael King

Show Notes

This is a really unique episode—Michael King has been a mentor of mine and dear friend for nearly four years now.  If it weren't for some of our conversations I'm not sure that Curious Humans would even exist, at least not in the form that it does today.

I find some of his perspectives and approaches to meditation and life so refreshing and my goal for this conversation was really to tease out some of the ideas and radical concepts that he has shared with me privately over the years.

Some of the questions we explored:

😬  What is the case for living life from a place of ease rather than over-efforting — which is something that I've wrestled with for a long time, as well as how our experience of reality is shaped by who we are and our beliefs.

🧘  Some common meditation myths and pitfalls that he sees with meditators with varying levels of experience as well as how he recommends navigating the landscape of meditation and the vast number of options and traditions and approaches out there.

📝  And finally, he also shares a really powerful framework for feeling into and moving through any challenging emotional experience or resistance.


Michael is also launching the third iteration of his Meditation Teacher Training early next March which I was a student in two years ago. What I learnt in that training profoundly shaped not only my work as a founder coach but also deepened my own practice and my relationship to my own mind and emotional landscape. So if training to become a meditation teacher or deepening your own practice is something that calls to you, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Michael. He's generously offering Curious Humans, listeners, $200 off the 2022 training — just mention Curious Humans when you reach out.


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Check out the Meditation Teacher Training 2022
Find Michael on Instagram @kingsmeditationandmentoring

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