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Listen to Crane Worldwide Logistics Vice President, Customs & Trade Services Alexandra Kleinschmidt speak on how companies can prepare for long term growth while navigating shifting customs landscapes and short-term trade concerns.

Show Notes

More year-over-year declines in airfreight traffic and cargo handles for October served to cap off a difficult 2019 for global logistics. However, plenty of opportunities are still available for those operators that can pinpoint creative solutions to recent challenges. 
In this episode of On Air with Air Cargo World, we spoke with Alexandra Kleinschmidt, Vice President, Customs & Trade Services at Crane Worldwide Logistics regarding the challenges facing global trade in the current market. Alongside her team at Crane Worldwide, Kleinschmidt works to help companies navigate shifting customs landscapes and address short-term trade concerns while planning for the future. 

What is On Air with Air Cargo World?

The On Air with Air Cargo World podcast explores air cargo operations and logistics. The podcast delves into topics such as air cargo integration into the logistics supply chain, new technologies and operational strategies, especially for freight forwarders. On Air with Air Cargo World is brought to you by Air Cargo World, the leading air cargo magazine.