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We get back into the interview format this week as Paul Smyth returns to the show to talk about his new coaching venture (, getting to the lightbulb moments, the importance of trust and fairness in business relationships....and channeling Wendy from Billions!

Show Notes

Kindly sponsored by Ireland’s fintech and financial services recruitment specialists, Top Tier Recruitment.  If you would like an intro to the team at Top Tier Recruitment, please click here.

In 2016, Paul co-founded Top Tier Recruitment and over the last three years, he and his co-founder Laura Smyth successfully built the business through excellent client relationships in Ireland.  In 2019, he undertook a coaching skills course spread out over five months and 135 training hours. Paul's idea was to add coaching to Top Tier's overall service offering, and having experienced the transformative power of coaching first-hand and completing the course, he launched Possible Coaching this year.  If you would like an intro to Paul Smyth, please click here.

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