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When we talk about pursuing our passion, it can tend to seem cliché. But when we think of it on a smaller level, and the many ways we can go about it, it just seems necessary. Audio Book Narrator Tavia Gibert's story will inspire you to pursue your own passions and maybe spark some ideas for new ways to go about it.

Show Notes

Jeniffer and Chad talk to Audio Book Narrator, Writer and Performer Tavia Gilbert. They discuss her background in theater and how one ah-ha moment sparked her passion. She tells them  how she got her start narrating audio books and the details of the process that goes into it. Gilbert gives some good tips on having an audio friendly voice, talks about how her past informs the tone of the characters she narrates, and proves that when one door shuts, there is always another way in. This one might also leave you pondering why teachers, of all people, sometimes discourage their students from following their dreams. It'll also remind you that those teachers aren't always right.

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