Ski The Whites

Jamie Walter and Chris Shane sit down to talk about their career paths merging to co-found their multi-media company Pamola Creative and what their doing hanging out at the Farm House in late January.

Show Notes

I couldn't be more excited for this week's guests because it only means one thing - we're starting to shoot our documentary Beyond Tucks. These two creatives co-founded Pamola Creative with Taylor Walker and made it up for a couple days in the mountains. Be sure to give these guys a follow if they aren't on your radar already.

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Jamie Walter (@jwalter1337):
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What is Ski The Whites?

Host Andrew Drummond interviews people who all have some tie to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We include weekly weather updates from WGME chief meteorologist Charlie Lopresti as well as behind the scenes happenings of Ski The Whites.