Tennis Rockers

A certified stringer has a lot of professional playing insights that can help you think about your equipment or get your game going. In this episode, we speak with highly experienced professional stringer, teacher, and parent coach of a D1 college player, Mark Campanile.

Show Notes

Mark Campanile has put his interest into his intention and dedicated a life to tennis both personally and professionally.  In the last 40 years, Mark has taken a teenage passing interest and turned it into a lifelong love.  Mark found the spark of tennis in Europe and carried it into college.   He kept playing and started stringing, so much so that he got his certification and started a small stringing business.  In the ensuing decades, Mark coached his own son from scratch to a D1 scholarship, built a pro shop business, and became a tennis teacher to many students of the game.  

In the interview with certified stringer, master racquet technician, professional racquet advisor, tennis pro, and parent coach of his own D1 college playing son, we learn a little bit about a lot and along the way see that tennis has both a lot to offer and a lot to teach.  

If you are the parent of a tennis student or a tennis player, you will learn something about:
  • How to think about racquets
  • How to think about string composition, selection, and tension
  • Working with a certified racquet stringer
  • What you should want your kids to focus on in a tennis lesson
Thanks for joining us on our journey!

What is Tennis Rockers?

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