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Anyone that has quit gaming and tried to fill their time with new activities has experienced this at some point. Nothing seems to scratch the same itch that gaming did. Nothing brings you as much fulfilment. As it turns out, the problem doesn't lie with you. It lies with video games. But, what can you do about it?

Show Notes

It's one thing to quit gaming and find some new hobbies to fill your time, it's another to develop these hobbies into meaningful passions that bring you fulfilment, motivation, and growth throughout your life.

The problem is, it's difficult. Gaming warps your ability to gain happiness from other things.

Nothing can compete with video games on a primal level when it comes to meeting your basic human needs. Combine it with other modern luxuries such as smartphones, food delivery, and even porn, and you've got the perfect conditions for humans to stop seeking fulfilment outside of what's comfortable to them.

In this episode of Gaming the System I go into why gaming is making everything boring, and what you can do about it. The answer is simpler than you think.

However, don't confuse simple with easy.

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