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We are all limitless, even in our mortal human forms, and it’s time you realize that! 
Don’t miss out on this epic conversation with the one and only Christiana Cioffi, empowerment ambassador, leadership coach, and speaker. A West Point graduate and former marketing VP, Christiana brings a wealth of experience to the table. 
Join us as we explore her remarkable journey, discuss being fearless in the army, unpack how she helps people reflect on their truest identity, her three-part process, and how she supports people who find themselves leading from a place of fear and insecurity.
Don’t miss out on all this, and so much more, on this episode of Inspiring People & Places. Enjoy.  
Key Points From This Episode:
•   We dive into a discussion about being fearless in the army and how it transpires. 
•   Christiana unpacks how she helps other people reflect on their true identity.
•   What companies can do to support women coming into male-dominant industries. 
•   How Christiana supports individuals who lead and act from a place of fear and insecurity.
“It’s fairly basic — people need to be treated fairly and equally regardless of their gender, race, age, or any of that.” — Christiana Cioffi 
“I think it’s about who’s at the top in an organization. They set the culture [of that organization].” — Christiana Cioffi 
“I am of the mindset that we are limitless. Meaning, we are souls embodied in a human form but we are limitless.” — Christiana Cioffi 
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