An important discussion on community, intention and Reservation Dogs

Show Notes

With Mato Wayuhi (Lakota), music spoke to him at a young age. In 4th grade, he was the kid rapping the morning announcements and lunch menu at school. Traditional culture played a huge role in his upbringing, as did the music of Green Day and Jay Z. While attending the University of Southern California, Mato released his first two albums, Part Time Indian and Scatterbrain. He also graduated with a degree in Cinema & Media Studies. 2020 was a game changing year for the young songwriter as he was chosen to score the music for the FX/ Hulu hit, Reservation Dogs. Today, we discuss his latest album, Pleasure, living in two worlds, season 2 of Rez Dogs and so much more.


01- Mato- Constellations 
02- Mato- Disguise (ft RYL0)
03- Cosmically Shonna- Authenticity (ft Liv the Artist)
04- Gunner Jules- Energies
05- Mato- Combat Boots (ft Liv the Artist)
06- Sober Junkie- You Got it
07- Ailani- Alone
08- Mato- Vegan Frybread
09- Ya Tseen- Knives (Ft Portugal. The Man)
10- Qacung- Losing Control (ft Delbert Anderson)

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