When one inquires on what is and is not misinformation, the indirect but fundamental question that is being asked is what is truth? A question so hard to answer that it spawned its very own branch of philosophical study, known as Epistemology. Furthermore, it has been the root cause for potentially the greatest intellectual rivalry in western history, between the rationalist and the empiricist. Today's guest, John Wihbey, who is an associate professor at Northeastern University, an affiliate with Northeastern’s Ethics Institute and the co-author of the paper : “The Bipartisan Case for Labeling as a Content Moderation Method: Findings from a National Survey” attempts to tackle the management of misinformation not by proposing a single unified solution, but instead asks a narrower but still important question about what strategies for mitigating fake news are politically popular and thus in theory democratically possible.

What is Thesis?

Are you curious and crave being introduced to new ideas, then this is the show for you. Every week I will be talking to a different academic about the thesis of a research paper or essay they have written. The scope of the show will be fairly broad but we will focus mainly on the humanities (Psychology,Philosophy, Economics, History etc...)