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On this episode of The Gala Show, Gala chats with filmmaker Don Coscarelli about his relationship with her father Roger Avary.  Don gives the gift of insight into Roger as a budding filmmaker, the story of how they first met, and some of his favorite memories with Roger  — but first, a question about what horror movies inspired Don as a child.

Don's new book, PHICTION: Tales From The World of Phantasm is now available on Amazon Paperback and Kindle.

This is not a dream -- this is really happening!

Creators & Guests

Gala Avary
reporter on the beat
Don Coscarelli
Read my new book PHICTION: My films: Phantasm, The Beastmaster, Bubba Ho-tep, John Dies at the End and more.
Roger Avary
Director, Producer, and Academy Award™-winning Screenwriter.
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