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Open houses and showings have been a big part of the real estate sales process for a long time and have gone mostly unchanged. Only recently has new tech-enabled the consumer to tour homes without the presence of an agent. In this episode, Jonathan Martis, CEO of Kleard, shares how agent-less showings can be done well and safely. We talk through some of the challenges he's overcome in bringing smart tech to the agent market. Kleard has been making strides, taking home several industry awards for their tech and now they're ready to unveil their tech and hardware partnership that will enable customers to see more homes without having the agent present. And don't worry, we also talk about if this means the agent will be replaced by tech like this. Listen in to find out the answer.

Show Notes

Kleard provides smart technology to the real estate industry and our latest feature-set called Kleard Now allows properties for sale to be Self Toured.

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