Bucket List Gamers

We're so close to the end of the Retro Gamers '100 Games to Play Before You Die' list we can almost taste it!

This episode we're discussing the penultimate game in the list, which is 2013's The Last of Us (26).

Perhaps more cinematic experience than fully fledged game, Jay and Eddie discuss Naughty Dog's zombie-esque magnum opus... and they've actually both played it for a change!

Sooo... tape up a few shivs, throw some nails in an old tin can, pour yourself a glass of vodka then stuff a rag in the neck of the bottle, and most importantly sit back, relax and enjoy the Second to Last of Us in Season 1!

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Creators & Guests

Having been friends since college, when Jay revealed plans for what would later become BLG, Eddie jumped at the chance to be involved. Eddie has been a gamer for as long as anyone can remember, citing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as his favourite of all time.
Coming from a writing background, having spent over a decade running WWEBlog, Jay decided it was time to go in a different direction. That direction was gaming and thus the Bucket List Gamers (and Bucket List Board Gamers) were born!

What is Bucket List Gamers?

Each show we take a look at one of the '100 Games to play before you die', as well as discussing the latest releases, consoles, successes and scandals in the gaming world.

From Defender to Daytona, Mario to Metroid and Sonic to Street Fighter, if it's in the 100 the BLG team will play it... eventually!