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We're talking family, friends and relatives and their reactions to your writing.
All too often creatives are placed on the firing line - the moment we mention we’re writers we may be opening Pandora’s Box, and that’s before we release our words to the world for people to judge our intellectual labor.

Show Notes

"Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I  don't feel I should be doing something else." -  Gloria Steinem
“Neurotic and self-absorbed tendencies.” “Starving artist.” “That’s not a real job.”  
These are just some of the warped notions and misguided perspectives attached the life of a writer, causing creatives the world over to face the age-old question: Do I tell people I’m a writer? 
How do you handle this aspect of being a creative? Do you tell people you’re a writer? 

Creative Prompt:  Cook your favourite treat (and eat it, of course!)
Cooking - can be a great way to unwind your mind while still creating.

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What is Creative Writing Energy ?

Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices with Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.