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Eric Lager is an academic and entrepreneur who lives and teaches in South Carolina. 

A native of Illinois, Professor Lager obtained his Ph.D in antebellum American History from the University of Tennessee. He currently lectures at The Citadel–that famous Charleston military academy from which so many valiant rebels took their degrees! 

When outside the classroom, Professor Lager spends his time, well, outside! He is the founder and operator of a burgeoning little business, “Charleston History Walk, LLC”, to which you can find a link below. 

Combining a professional academic’s subject mastery, and a Chicagoan-turned-South Carolinian’s natural affability, Professor Lager offers a unique walking tour through one of America’s most important and beautiful cities. 

From this episode, you’ll learn…

Why, of all places, hostilities broke out at Fort Sumter; Who shot first: The North or the South?; The forgotten “Star of the West”; The lead-up to the Civil War; The “Lame Duck” presidency of James Buchanan; Whether or not Buchanan did enough to prevent war in the winter of 1861; The political battles in which America was engulfed during the first half of the 19th century: The Missouri Compromise, the Kansas Nebraska Act, Dred Scott, etc.; A brief history of South Carolina; Why South Carolina is so historically naughty!; Nullification and secession; John Calhoun, Preston Brooks, and much more! 

Professor Lager’s “Charleston History Walk” link:

Next time you’re visiting Charleston, SC, be sure to register for one of his tours! 

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