Overly Sarcastic Podcast

Red and Blue are...together again! Two weeks in a row of the dynamic duo AS a duo? What will we record next!

Show Notes

Live from a different location but together nonetheless, Red and Blue unpack Deus Ex Machinas and the Roman Empire. Will they manage to chat about their respective videos before the Renaissance Faire? Or will it take a surprise savior from an unexpected source to bring this pod to a close?

Our podcast, like our videos, sometimes touches on the violence, assaults, and murders your English required reading list loves (also we curse sometimes). Treat us like a TV-14 show.

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What is Overly Sarcastic Podcast?

Red and Blue of Overly Sarcastic Productions keep the learnin' rollin' with a biweekly after show! Join the OSP crew as we chat about all the anecdotes, corrections, and fan questions that didn't make the regular content (and probably get swept way off topic along the way!)

So yeah...let's do some (more) history?