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Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is an award-winning wildlife vet and the founder of Conservation through Public Health. For more than 20 years, Dr. Gladys has helped local communities and mountain gorillas in Uganda to live healthily and peacefully alongside each other.

In this inspiring episode, we speak with Dr. Gladys about her work with local communities and gorillas, the connection between human health and animal health, and the lessons she has learned as an African woman in nature conservation. 

Episode timestamps

00:00 Introduction 
02:00 Dr. Gladys’ relationship with nature
05:22 What inspired Dr. Gladys to work with mountain gorillas
08:22 Why Dr. Gladys started Conservation through Public Health
12:43 How Conservation through Public Health works with communities to take care of nature and stay healthy
18:43 The impact of Conservation through Public Health
22:30 What is one health?
26:18 How we can support one health in our cities and communities
29:49 Dr. Gladys' experiences as an African woman in nature conservation
35:40 Why we need a homegrown nature conservation movement in Africa  
38:05 Advice for young black people interested in nature conservation
40:04 Dr. Gladys’ new book - Walking with Gorillas
43:00 How you can support Black Earth podcast

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What is Black Earth Podcast ?

Black Earth is an interview podcast celebrating nature and black women leaders in the environmental movement. Join us for inspiring, informed and authentic conversations on how we can make a positive impact for people and nature worldwide.

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