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Today’s co-host is Hillary Weiss. Hillary is a concept development consultant, speaker, copywriter, and founder of Statement Piece Studio.

Show Notes

Today’s co-host is Hillary Weiss. Hillary is a concept development consultant, speaker, copywriter, and founder of Statement Piece Studio.

Hillary is a fellow New Yorker and she’s always had such a big personality that she felt she was born to be an entrepreneur. She’s passionate about consulting because she loves sitting down with other creative entrepreneurs to help them dig out the exact thing that differentiates them in the market.

Hillary has worked in many different mediums, including having a popular YouTube show. She likes to keep things fun and interesting while still having serious discussions about business, pricing, and development. She’s now in the space of entrepreneur education and finds people get the most value, not when they’re force fed information, but rather when they’re forced to take action and get their hands dirty.

In this episode, we dive into how to create a consulting service and price it so that you’re in demand. We talk about how to lean on your strengths and identify not just the client, but the personality of the client, and how to listen to what people are repeatedly asking for.

We also get into how Hillary chose the prices she did when she started to transition from implementation into consulting. I’m confident you are going to take away a lot from this conversation with Hillary.

"What I think is a sign of a success in any kind of content is that people don’t necessarily have to be prompted to go back and check it. They’re like, oh, I haven’t seen this in a while. Let me go back and check it out."

In this episode Hillary talked about:
  • Her strategies and techniques for working with clients.
  • How she prices so that the client understands the value that they are getting from her consultation.
  • Her business strategies that differentiate her from other “online consultants”.

Main Takeaways
  • To have a personal brand or to be an outstanding entrepreneur, you need to dig down deep, figure out what fills you with energy, and what makes you unique. These will put you on the path to success.
  • You can start out undervaluing your product to get people through the door, find out more about your ideal clients, and build a strategy. Then when you have those data points, raise your rates and go after high-ticket clients.
  • Being available, following up, and responding personally to clients, even if they’re takeaways aren’t your responsibility, is a big differentiator and will bring clients back.

Important Mentions in this Episode

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