Everything You Know About Disability Is Wrong

In today's episode, your hosts Lily Newton and Erin Hawley have a heartfelt conversation with our guest, Rawan Tuffaha. Rawan is the lead singer of the ASD Band, a group composed entirely of autistic musicians, which shines a light on talent within the autistic community. Besides her music career, Rawan is an advocate for autism acceptance and disability employment, challenging misconceptions and pushing for more inclusive practices.

Join us as we delve into Rawan's journey, from forming the ASD Band to her academic pursuits at Metal Works Institute, her experiences with the documentary about her band, and her thoughts on the misconceptions people often have about individuals on the autism spectrum. We'll also hear about her challenging yet rewarding experiences managing school, autism, and her music career, including her exciting upcoming album, "Almost Flawless."

This episode is not only an exploration of Rawan's personal and professional life but also a broader discussion of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities as they transition into adulthood, particularly in accessing employment and continuing to receive support.

Stay tuned as we celebrate the exceptional contributions of individuals like Rawan and discuss how organizations like Easterseals are paving the way for full access, equity, and inclusion for people with disabilities and their families.


00:00 Podcast featuring Rawan Tuffaha, lead of ASD Band.

04:10 Documentary creation, album release amidst COVID-19 impact.

08:18 Performed with Roger Hodgson, formed a band and overcame setbacks.

11:23 Started playing the toy piano and learned by ear.

14:41 Honest, raw music conveying autistic experience powerfully.

19:44 Gratitude for positive influences and values learned.

22:28 Struggle with identity and trust in popularity.

25:32 Teenagers realize the importance of loyal, caring friends.

29:47 Passion for the Jonas Brothers, autism acceptance.

31:58 Struggling with travel plans, rehearsals, and charity.

35:04 Understanding the travel process with help from family.

38:26 Autism diagnosis at 1, received varied support.

40:57 Seeking support in university, aiming for success.

46:00 Struggles finding a job as an autistic person. Need for inclusion and understanding.

49:51 Multitasking autism advocate defies stereotypes with grace.

Connect with Rawan Tuffaha
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rawansinger/?ref=tablehopper.com

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