DubV 411

DubV 411 is back for a new week as we head into Thanksgiving weekend! Maddie and Lauren discuss the latest with federal loan forgiveness and the ousting of Shane Lyons as Athletic Director. And for those of you sticking around Morgantown this weekend, there's lots to do, including the Kansas State football game, men's basketball, a dance/theater show, the farmer's market and lots more!

What is DubV 411?

This is DubV 411, a weekly podcast that's everything WVU. Every week, Maddie Harris and Samantha Smith give you their take on the buzz happening in the coming week on campus and around Morgantown.

West Virginia University is such a big school with so many opportunities that there’s always something fun and interesting to do. So tune in every Friday wherever you listen to your podcasts and get inspired to go out and try something new!

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