She Is Becoming

Join Bev and Delaney as they discuss as a panel with Lauren and Nicole about their personal quiet time with the LORD. Each woman is in a different life stage and they are talking about their own specific obstacles to having a daily quiet time and what this practically looks like in their lives. Lauren is a married mama of a newborn whose quiet time has changed a lot over the last few weeks. Nicole is a married homeschool mama of 4 who is always on the go. Bev is retired, and wears the titles of wife, mama, and grandmother and has keen insight into her specific life stage and perspective for younger women. Delaney is a single mama who faces her own set of unique challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all for quiet time with the LORD but there is one thing all these women have in common: a desire to spend time with God. Listen to learn more!

What is She Is Becoming?

Delaney and Bev are co-hosts for the ‘She is Becoming’ podcast. Delaney (under 30) and Bev (over 60) are a multi-generational duo with lively discussion - they enjoy learning from each other and learning from guests that they interview. Together they tackle relevant topics and study the Bible.