End Of Days Podcast

On Todays episode we discuss Kaczynski's manifesto and compare it to our modern times. This manifesto was written in 1995. Its scary how true his predictions were. "Leftism should be classified as a mental condition instead of a coherent political movement" We discuss this and more!

What is End Of Days Podcast ?

Have we found truth ? It's more like we just uncovered all the lies, only to find that in between all the lies, the truth is suffocated until its gasps no more. Truth will always be surrounded by lies. The truth must be constantly pursued and protected from the lies. Just like there could no appreciation for good if not for evil, there is nothing more important than living truthfully in the face of lies. If you believe the lie your search for truth ends there. Truth from what we found is not a single destination but a way of life. The truth evolves, penetrates, sinks deep when found. Lies are fickle, shallow, and bounce right off you when exposed in the light of truth.

So, you think we found truth?