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Learn more about how various regions are meeting the trends and challenges that come with the application, development and regulation of drones.

Show Notes

As the saga of developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drone) to carry goods and shipments continues, some regions are emerging as forerunners in the development, adoption and regulation of drones. While drone development is still in its early stages, the disruptive technology presents stakeholders in air cargo an opportunity to fill gaps in supply chains and access new markets.  

In this episode of On Air with Air Cargo World, we sit down with Cathy Roberson, Cargo Facts Consulting senior consultant and Air Cargo World columnist, to discuss trends and challenges in the application of drones across logistics chains, as well as the position various countries are taking on drone development.  

What is On Air with Air Cargo World?

The On Air with Air Cargo World podcast explores air cargo operations and logistics. The podcast delves into topics such as air cargo integration into the logistics supply chain, new technologies and operational strategies, especially for freight forwarders. On Air with Air Cargo World is brought to you by Air Cargo World, the leading air cargo magazine.