Parenting for the Everyday

Mental health is such an important topic. As parents, we must know how to prepare and equip our children to be healthy. We are kicking off our mental health series, talking about anxiety. It seems like more and more people experience it. What exactly is it? How does it affect our kids? How can we teach them to navigate it as they grow into adulthood? Shannon Miller, a licensed professional clinical counselor, and Kristina Holwerda, a licensed independent social worker, join us. Both specialize in kids and adolescents and share their expertise and wisdom to help us parents know the do’s and don’ts to help us understand how to best help our kids walk through tough spots.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety and needs help, please reach out at the link below.

Creators & Guests

Becca Coffey Alvarez
Holly Diakandru
Kristina Holwerda
Shannon Miller

What is Parenting for the Everyday?

Parenting for the Everyday is a Christian parenting podcast consisting of two moms down in the trenches of parenthood. These moms are setting out to ask all the burning questions about parenting. From how to keep your toddler in bed to when to talk to your kids about sex and everything in between, you don’t want to miss this parenting advice.

New episodes are released on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Don’t miss out on the best parenting advice!