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We continue our exploration of 'Inclusivity and Innovation in Engineering.'

This is another engaging discussion with Deirdre Hunter, our inspiring guest from the School of Engineering at Rice University. In this episode, Deirdre, first, shatters the myths about engineering and uncovers the real essence of this incredible field! πŸš€πŸ› οΈ

It's not just equations but a field driven by empathy and problem-solving prowess that constantly challenges limits.

She also explores the power of e-Portfolios in engineering education, enabling students to learn iteratively, make vital connections, and stay engaged. They aren't just tools for the classroom; they're career development catalysts for aspiring engineers.

Let's continue unraveling the threads of inclusivity: https://youtu.be/RlD3NMP9Ueo

What's engineering about (myth vs. facts) [1:20]
Engineering is for people who have empathy (4:19)
Engineering Problem Solving (9:08)
Pushing boundaries (11:23)
Learning iteratively with e-Portfolio & making connections (15:41)
e-Portfolio as an engagement and motivation tool (24:56)
How e-Portfolio helps engineering students in their learning process and career development (29:33)

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