America This Week: From The Harris Poll

Join John and Libby as they discuss how consumers are prepping for a recessionary downturn that half of them believe will last over a year. They delve deep into America's financial relationship with the stock market, spending psyche, America's financial optimism and the role cryptocurrency continues to play as a long-term hedge for individuals.

What is America This Week: From The Harris Poll?

Each week, we surface the most important societal shifts, consumer sentiments, and marketplace trends leaders need to know to stay in lockstep with consumers' shifting desires. Grounded in weekly polling data, ATW is hosted by NYT bestselling author John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll and futurist Libby Rodney, CSO of The Harris Poll.
John @johngerzema is CEO of The Harris Poll | Libby @LibbyG is CSO of The Harris Poll