Henrik de Gyor Is a writer, speaker, podcaster, co-founder of My DAM Services, and consultant at Another DAM Consultancy.

Today Henrik discusses synthetic media and why people are apprehensive about accepting it. He says that the grim picture many people have of AI is a product of the influence of movies, media, and entertainment. However, Henrik has an optimistic outlook on synthetic media and explains its usage for creative purposes, how it can reduce costs in many industries, and why it can change the lives of disabled people. He emphasizes that this technology offers fantastic opportunities to open new jobs and save money because it allows people to “be in more than one place at a time.” Furthermore, Henrik says, this technology will change our reality very shortly, and it will be an opportunity to scale oneself and bring education to the next level. Answering the question about fear of new things, Henrik says, “The technology itself is neutral. What you do with it is based on your intent.“

Show Notes

🦾 Synthetic media is created with the help of computers, and it is saving millions of dollars in the movie industry.  01:48
🎶 Creating music and arts with tools from synthetic media: being in 3D space, having avatars to replace you. 04:36
🤯 People can’t recognize if it is you or VFX: Deep Tom Cruise’s clips. 05:32
🌞 Benefits: Voice mimicking, donating voice for disabled people, creating ads with avatars on multiple places, saving money.  06:45
🌺 Benefits and usage: Creating avatars for training videos, CEO avatar for purposes of the company, A. Lincoln taking history classes for children, having a ‘product’ before its produced, etc. 10:30
😳 The fear of the unknown: the context of AI is usually created by movies and conflict stories. 14:17
🙂 AnnaMaria’s experience with AI’s. 16:15
🤑 AI is the future: synthetic people with fans who earn money worldwide. 17:49
🤔 Answering questions from students in real-time without being there: AI can replace you. 19:23
🔜 Your avatar can do the shopping for you and have matching clothes. 20:40
🤓 Synthetic vs. reality: anything can be created synthetically and its ethics. 22:05
👃 Haptic gloves and glasses to look through for augmented reality and virtual reality: hearing, seeing, touching, and feeling synthetic media. 24:31
🦿 The synthesizer example is not AI vs. humans but AI with humans. 26:14

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