The Forgotten Corner

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What is The Forgotten Corner?

The Forgotten Corner is a weekly podcast recorded in Medicine Hat, the 65,000-citizen hub of southeast Alberta, where people often wonder, “When will everyone just do what we want to do?”

Scott Schmidt, Jeremy Appel and Mo Cranker have a combined journalistic experience of more than 20 years, much of that spent covering news and politics in Medicine Hat. After garnering some attention through the Medicine Hat News for our willingness to criticize the provincial government, we thought a podcast would be a great way to have in-depth discussions with experts of any and all fields from across Alberta, and perhaps beyond.

It’s likely our focus will pertain to the world of politics, especially in Alberta, but we won’t put limits on the topics we might discuss and hope to bring you a show that is both entertaining and informative. It will also be opinionated and even bold, but as journalists, our goal is to host a wide variety of guests and relevant, necessary conversations.

And if there is someone you’d like to hear on our show, let us know. We hope you enjoy three white male print journalists attempting to provide a much needed different voice to the world of podcast radio…

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